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1968 Comeback Package

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It happened in 1968. Despite the fact that his music was quite popular, Elvis had not toured since 1961! The scene had changed on him while he was in the military and he had never quite adjusted to it. He spent those years in Hollywood, playing at being an actor. It would not last, no one would cast him for a serious role. Growing bored, he felt the music calling to him again and decided it was time. Time for a comeback! He played on stage before an audience of little size. It was not anything serious, definitely not a formal concert, but it was aired live on NBC.

Many believe this show was the inspiration for the concept of "unplugged" used by MTV later on, but for the fans, December third in 1968 was something much more special. Those who saw him step on stage in that black leather outfit, wearing that one slick piece of bling on his finger, will never forget it. The items you see in the images before you are the memories of that night given physical form. The two black leather bracelets and a ring in a similar style of the king will make you feel like you are ready to make your own comeback!



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