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Aloha From Hawaii Tribute Ring

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Inspired by Nixon's visit to China, Aloha from Hawaii was a concert held in January of 1974 and broadcast to the whole world via satellite. Interestingly, the US did not see this Elvis Presley concert that night, as it was the same night as the Superbowl that year. Instead, the show aired three months later. In its time, the show was the most expensive special in entertainment, costing two and a half million. Even more impressive, as many as an estimated 1.5 billion people tuned in to watch this special, which is over a third of the world population in 1974!

The king was in his element that night, wearing the "American Eagle" jumpsuit costume, and decked out in bling. This ring is a tribute to one of those pieces of jewelry he was wearing that night. It has red stones in the eyes and green stone set in the mouth. This ring will make you feel like you are broadcasting to the whole world as it gathers looks from those around you!

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