White Circular Plate

Custom Championship Style Belts

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The lights are so bright, they cast the crowd into darkness. All the better for you, since you should stay focused. He comes for you, a taller guy, but no one bigger than anyone else you have already faced. Still, the opponent you face is the champion! Sidestepping you miss a punch aimed for your head and counter with a jab to his side. It connects and you see the wince as he steps back. You can see him reconsidering his estimation of you. It makes you smile as you start to feel a certain satisfaction creep over you. You push it away, it is not earned yet and the champ is coming back with a strong left hook. You lean back but it connects with your shoulder. You lean away, making it a glancing blow and deliver a second jab to the torso of your opponent!


Blow after blow is exchanged. You begin to grow weary. The heavy breathing of your opponent relays the exhaustion setting into his body. His movements have been just a bit too showy and his body is slowing at a faster pace than yours. This is the moment you realize that you have done it. You have become champion! But it is not over yet. He comes close again, looking for an opening in your defenses. When he sees none, he tries to make one. It only wears him down more. You accept the beating but protect yourself. Then you see it, a perfect moment. The champ steps back and prepares to swing in with a vicious blow.  You take the chance and deliver an uppercut that lifts the man from the mat!

The crowd goes silent, everyone is speechless. No one had made it seem like a sure thing to your face, but no one was really worried about the champ being taken down. The announce breaks the silence, "WHAT A STARTLING DEFEAT FOR THE CH- FORMER CHAMPION!"

Someone brings a belt before you and holds it out. You reach for it and as your fingers first touch it, that sense of satisfaction overwhelms you. This is everything you have worked for, everything you have ever wanted! Your fingers clasp home and raise the belt above you. Tears leak from your eyes and you try to speak, but all that come out is a triumphant battle cry.


Then you wake up and find yourself drooling on your keyboard. Disappointed that you have not just fulfilled all of your dreams and goals, you sit up and lean back. Letting out a yawn while you stretch, you blink and glance at the monitor. Through bleary eyes you see a website offering Custom Championship Style Belts! Still barely conscious, you know you need this! Desperately you grasp the mouse and drag the cursor across the screen. A click adds the belt to your cart. A few more and you find it asking for information. In a flurry of motion your fingers race across the keyboard to enter your address. You smile as you click the last button and it tells you that your order is being processed. A deeper satisfaction settles over you as you realize that you have both avoided a mid-life crisis and become the champion!


These belts can are offered in a wide variety of colors and styles of plates. Makes a great prize for any tournament!