Close up of one side of the Lion Claw Necklace.

Lion Claw Necklace

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Elvis Presley could put on quite the show, both on stage and just while walking out in public. One particular necklace that embodied this was his golden lion claw necklace. Flashy, it always drew your eyes to it. Based off of that piece of bling, the Lion Claw Necklace is a great way to get some attention!

Measuring one and a half inches across the top, the claw is a full two and a half inches around the curve. It is an exquisite color that makes it almost look like a real claw. However, thanks to it being made entirely out of resin, you do not have to worry about angering animal lovers or deal with a guilty conscience!

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(2.) Deluxe Quality Claw- This has a lifetime warranty on it for a total of $99.99.