Side of coim with ship.

Reversible Coin Necklace

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Like any coin, the one on this necklace has two sides! That is two totally different styles in one necklace, just flip it over. One side has this wicked old style ship, the kind that used wind power to move. The other features the profile of a lady. One of these is similar to the old half-penny and the other more of a Roman style. Simple, sleek and elegant, the black cord, from which the coin hangs, keeps it in place with beads and some twine.

The simplicity makes it a wonderful piece for those not looking to grab all the attention. It is good for everyday use. Perhaps it seems a little too simple to be bling? Maybe, but the Elvis wore a similar one back in 1976! You can check it out in the other images. Mix it with more eye-catching pieces of jewelry and you will add depth to your appearance, causing the eyes of others to really look for the hidden details of your outfit.